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About us

We live for tech! And we are not ashamed of it. That’s why we share an honest review about all the products that we use. That’s our core.

About Us - Not On Top

About Us – Not On Top

Who are We?

Notontop is a rapidly growing tech news and review site based in India. Our writers (tech enthusiasts) backed by great development skills have built this platform with immense dedication and hard work.

What do We do?

We provide cool tech stuff that is thoroughly researched and processed before being brought in front of you. Our part of the job is to tell you to complete in and out about products. We create a list of all pros and cons. Buying it or not is entirely your decision.

Undoubtedly there is a huge competition with a lot of similar platforms churning lots of content every day. We appreciate their effort, But this is what makes us different from others. We focus on quality more than the quantity of the content that we publish.

That’s why we have created a rigorous reviewing process to ensure that our content satisfies your concern and helps you make a better buying decision.

How do we do it?

That ain’t simple. If it were, everyone else would be doing that too! Our process starts with getting on a call with various suppliers to get hands-on latest gadgets. These products are demo pieces that we need to return after use or buy from the local market and sell them after use.

As soon as we get our hands on the product, We send it to our writers who are Gaming, Travel & Tech enthusiasts to review it properly.

As soon as the product is thoroughly reviewed, We send it to our team to click some beautiful pictures. These images are used within the article.

We are aware that we can only involve real techies in reviewing and writing about it. Readers who think they can spare some time in helping the tech community and make some money out of it should definitely check our career page for upcoming hirings.

How do we make money?

It shouldn’t be surprising that we are currently not making any money right now.  We believe in providing exceptionally great content, and we know that money will follow one way or the other. We plan to provide affiliate links from Amazon and other e-commerce platforms to help us thrive.

But, we will never post fake reviews of any product to fill in our pocket by cheating our readers.