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Fix Corrupted SD Card on Android

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With most smartphones coming in 256GB, and 512GB memory variants, SD cards are still very popular in phones and cameras to store large files. However, your SD card may get corrupted due to any virus or while just changing the card from one device to another. This could be a serious risk to your data stored in the chip as the only way to fix that card is to format it.

Here are some methods that you can try to recover your corrupted or malfunctioning memory card.

How to make sure that your memory card is corrupted?

There could be a lot of indications that tell you that your memory card is malfunctioning. Some signs of a malfunctioning memory card are listed below.

  • Files on your memory card are not readable.
  • Your memory card is not detected or recognized on any device.
  • Files/Folders are missing from the memory.
  • Error while reading/writing your memory card.
  • Really low read and write speed.

To make sure that your card is actually corrupt, plug in your memory card to a different device. After that If you are able to use it properly on the new device, It’s highly likely that your card is fine. If not, proceed further to repair your malfunctioning memory card.

Note: We are not responsible for any data loss that happens on your device or card. Be very cautious about what you are doing.

Check your SD Card Lock

Most memory cards have a read-and-write protection lock on them. If you are unable to copy/paste your data using your card this might be because of that lock. Slide that lock and insert it again to solve this issue.

Clean Your Memory Card

Make sure that your card is properly inserted into your device. Eject your card and thoroughly clean it. Make sure there isn’t any dust or any crack on the card as it might not allow your card to fit properly in the slot. Your card might not get detected because of this small issue. In addition, Use an airgun and remove dust from your slot as well.

Plug in Your Memory Card to a Different Device

This time plug in your card into a laptop, camera or any other device. It is a part of a hit-and-trial diagnosis that will help you in diagnosing any file system error. Cameras, Mobiles, Laptops, and other drives support various different file systems as a result your card might not get detected on some devices. Hence changing your device can help you in finding the problem with your card.

If your card still doesn’t get detected, You need to visit a service center in order to find a solution. 

If your card gets detected in a different device but not in your primary device, Immediately take its backup. After taking a backup format the card using the same device and select FAT32 or exFAT file system as they are the most supported ones.

After the formatting is complete, You will be able to use your card normally again.

Unable To Format The Memory Card

Formatting a memory card might be the only option if any of the above things didn’t work for you. If you are formatting your card using a windows PC, simply Go to devices and drives on My pc >Right Click on SD Card drive > Click on Format Button.

In the dialogue box, Select your preferences and click on the format button. This might take a few minutes depending on the speed of your card.

To format your memory card using an android device, Go to Settings > Storage > Click on this Icon > Tap on Format > Okay, Erase and Format.

In conclusion, once your memory Card is formatted, it should work perfectly.

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