Not on Top iPhone How to Fix ‘Liquid detected in lightning connector’ Error in iPhone

How to Fix ‘Liquid detected in lightning connector’ Error in iPhone

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FIXING Guide: Liquid detected in lightning connector error in iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you must have heard about the common bug popping up on iOS 14 devices and above. “Liquid detected in the lightning connector. Disconnect to allow the connector to dry. This may take several hours.” This error message pop-up has been reported by several iPhone users recently. 

Now, let us explain what this error means and how to fix it. Read ahead to know the tips to get rid of this error.

What is the meaning of “liquid detected in lightning connector”?

The “Liquid detected in lightning connector” error message pops up when your iPhone detects moisture in the lightning connector when you put your phone on charging. If your phone has been nowhere near any liquid, it is probably a bug in the iOS. However, do check if there is any moisture in the connector as a precaution. 

In such situations, do not panic and try to get rid of the moisture by yourself. You may end up damaging the phone in haste. 

You can follow our suggestions on how to fix the liquid detected in the lightning connector error. 

How to fix the error “liquid detected in lightning connector”?

Do not insert any narrow object in the connector to dry out the liquid. It may end up damaging the lightning connector. Instead, follow these instructions below:

  • Remove the charging cable 

The first step you must take is to follow the instructions on the screen. Remove the cable and let the moisture (if any) dry out from the connector. Once it dries out in a while, the error will be fixed.

  • Dismiss or emergency override the message 

When the error pops up, it comes with two options of Dismiss and Emergency Override. By dismissing the message, you can find out the solution to fix the error. However, keep your phone disconnected from the cable. 

  • Use wireless charger

If you have to charge your phone urgently but have doubts about using a charging cable, try to charge your iPhone with a wireless charger. The new generation of iPhones supports wireless charging, which will prevent the lightning connector from getting damaged. 

  • Use original Apple charging cable

If you are using an unauthorized charging cable to charge your iPhone, this error may be caused by that. Instead, try using an original Apple cable only after waiting for the connector to dry up. 

  • Restart your iPhone

If you do not have a wireless charger and cannot charge using the cable, reboot your iPhone. Possibly, the error pop-up is a bug, so it may get fixed by restarting your iPhone. 

You can restart by simply long-pressing the lock button and selecting the switch-off option on the screen. Then, press the button again, and your phone will turn back on. 

Try this step only after you have dried up the lightning connector

  • Go to Apple customer service center

If none of the above steps works for you, go to the nearest Apple store/service center. Seek professional help, and do not try to fix the issue yourself if you don’t have much clue about it. 

Do not follow the everyday hacks like putting your phone in rice or inserting a cotton bud in the lightning connector. This may cause even more damage to the phone.


Do not panic if you see such an error pop up on your phone’s screen. Try out the above-given methods, and they will work if it’s only a bug in the system. However, if it’s not a bug, you must go to an official Apple store. Instead of panicking, you will get authorized help with your iPhone. 

We hope this article helped you understand the lightning connector detected a liquid error and helped you fix it.


Q- What if the Emergency Override option does not work?

A- If you choose the emergency override to get rid of the liquid detected in the lightning connector error and your phone still doesn’t support the charging, you must keep your phone disconnected from the charger and let the connector dry up. There is a chance of accidental moisture being present in the lightning connector.

Q- My phone is charging, and the error persists. What should I do?

A- If the error is persistent, it is probably an iOS bug. You must contact customer service or try rebooting your iPhone a few times. A lot of people have complained about this error popping up on their iPhone models above iOS 14. Thus, if your iPhone has iOS 14 or above, you should contact customer support. 

Q- How do I dry out the lightning connector if the liquid is actually there?

A- If you accidentally dropped your phone in water and it entered the charging port, you must immediately try to dry it out. Tap your iPhone on a dry towel or a cloth, facing the lightning connector on the downside. Try to get rid of as much water as you can by tapping. After this, keep your iPhone in a dry place, preferably near a fan so that the water dries out quickly. 


Q- If iPhones are waterproof then why does liquid in the lightning connector cause a problem?

A- The newer models of the iPhone are water-resistant, not waterproof. This means that they can take care of accidental spills and light amounts of liquid, but they will get damaged if they are under heavy liquid density. iPhones have a maximum water resistance range from two to four meters underwater for about thirty minutes. Thus, if you ever decide to go for underwater photography, you must carry your iPhone in a waterproof case to save it from damage.


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