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How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone XR

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Different smartphones have varying graphics, however, they all have the option to display the battery percentage on the screen. Accordingly, iPhones also come with an option to either display the exact battery percentage, or a graphical display of the amount of battery left in the phone. The older generation of iPhones had a convenient option of simply turning on the battery percentage option, however, in the latest iPhones (X and later models), there is less space on the top of the screen to display the percentage. If you do not know how to show the battery percentage on your iPhone XR, there is no need to worry. 

When you look at your phone’s screen, it is fairly convenient to know how much battery your phone has at the moment. This guide will give you insight on how to show battery percentage on your iPhone XR. Read further to learn about the various ways of displaying battery percentages on your iPhones. 

Use Control Centre

The easiest way to know your battery percentage is to simply open the Control Centre by swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen. You will see the percentage displayed right next to the battery icon. This feature applies to all the latest iPhone models with a bezel-free design. 

Use a Widget on Screen

Another way to display battery percentage on screen is by adding a Battery Widget. By adding a widget, you can check the battery percentage even while your phone is locked. 

You can add a widget by following these simple steps:

  • Swipe right on your home screen

  • Scroll down and tap Edit at the bottom of the screen

  • From the list of widgets, locate Batteries
  • Tap the plus sign next to it

This is how you add widgets to your screen. This widget will be visible to you whenever you swipe right on your screen. You can easily check the battery percentage without unlocking your phone. If you own other products like Airpods or Apple Watch, the battery widget displays their battery percentages as well. 

Use Siri

Siri is one of the most remarkable features in iOS. Using the AI assistant, you can simply question Siri about the battery percentage of your phone. You will get the answer within seconds. You can activate Siri by simply saying “Hey Siri,” or by long-pressing the side button for one minute. 

Plugin the Charger

When you put your iPhone to charge, it briefly displays the battery percentage on the lock screen. This method may not be useful if you are outside without having access to your charger, but if you do, this is a fairly convenient way to keep your battery percentage in check. 


Since the technology has become more advanced in the newer iPhones, the basic settings have also gone up a notch. Through these various ways, you can view the battery percentage of your iPhone on the screen. The easiest way is to simply view it from the Control Centre, but you can go for the other methods as well. We hope these methods will successfully help you learn how to show battery percentage on your iPhone screens. 

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