Not on Top iPhone How to Stop Sharing Locations Without Them Knowing on iPhone?

How to Stop Sharing Locations Without Them Knowing on iPhone?

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Sharing locations with your family and friends can be an excellent practical choice. You can track your phone if it gets lost, or your family can know about your whereabouts without getting worried. However, it compromises your privacy. 

There may be instances where you would feel like not letting your location be known. In such cases, there are ways that you can turn off the location sharing without them knowing on your iPhone. 

Turn ‘share my location’ off.

If you wish to straight away stop sharing your location with others, these are the steps that you can follow. 

  • Go to Settings and find Privacy Settings 
  • Select Privacy Settings 
  • Tap on Location Services
  • Now, select ‘share my location.’ 
  • Disable the share my location toggle

Following these steps will turn off your location sharing without anyone getting notified about it.

Turn off location sharing on the ‘Find My’ app

The Find My app is an iOS app designed for you to share your locations among your family members. This app also allows you to track your Apple devices if lost. However, if you wish to stop sharing your location, these are the steps that you must follow:

  • Open the Find My app on your iPhone (download it if you have a version below iOS 14.1)
  • Tap on the Me icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on the Share My Location button to turn it off

This is how you can stop sharing your location. However, you have the option to stop sharing locations with specific people individually. 

  • Tap on the People tab
  • Select the member with whom you do not want to share the location
  • Now, tap on the Stop Sharing My Location option

Switch on Airplane Mode

The simplest way to stop sharing locations is by switching on the Airplane Mode on your iPhone. If you are in an important meeting or do not wish to be disturbed, Airplane Mode will disconnect your phone from all the connections. There will be no cellular connection, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, or GPS tracking

You can turn on the Airplane Mode directly from the Control Centre. You can also go to the Settings and turn on the Airplane Mode toggle. 

Use another iOS device

If you own multiple iOS devices like another iPhone or an iPad, you can set up your location on that device. This way, your actual location will not be tracked while it is being shared. You can do this by following the steps below:

  • Open Settings on your alternate device (iPad/iPhone)
  • Tap on your name in the Settings
  • Go to the Find My option
  • Select the Use This iPad/iPhone as My Location

Your location has been diverted to the alternate device now. 


Q- Can I use a fake location on my iPhone?

A- No, you can’t use a fake location on your iPhone. However, you can divert your location to another iOS device and use that as a fake location. There is no other way to fake your location. 

Q- Will it notify anyone if I switch off sharing my location?

A- No, they will not be notified. Nevertheless, they might come to know about it if they ever check it manually. However, you must share your location only after you are entirely sure about sharing it. Since it is an insight into your privacy, it should be shared only with a hundred percent comfort. 

Final Thoughts

There are a few ways through which you can stop sharing your location with people without them knowing. Now you can live with your privacy without any prying eyes. We hope this article will help you with finding the right solution for your issue.


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