Not on Top iPhone Ways to Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 11

Ways to Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 11

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The new iPhones after X do not display the battery percentage like the older models. The later models come with a compact status bar, and it does not have enough room to display the battery percentage. This might come across as a negative point for iPhone users. However, there are ways to show the battery percentage on iPhone 11. 

This article will talk about the various ways of showing battery percentage on iPhone 11 and other newer iPhone models.

Battery Widget

iOS 14 has come a long way with a variety of new features. One such feature is the Widgets. You can add a Battery Widget on your iPhone and easily have a look at the battery level even while your phone is locked. You can add a widget by following the given steps:

Swipe right on your home screen

  • Scroll down and tap Edit at the bottom of the screen

  • From the list of widgets, locate Batteries
  • Tap the plus sign next to it

Your widget has been added to the screen. Now, you can either check the battery percentage while you are using your phone or check it while it’s locked. You just need to swipe right, and you will see the percentage displayed on the widget. Another plus point to this is that the widget displays the battery level of other devices like headphones, or iWatch paired with your iPhone. 

Control Centre

Using the Control Centre is probably the simplest way to check the battery percentage. All you have to do is just swipe down from the top right corner of your screen. You will see the battery percentage displayed right next to the battery icon. This is the quickest way without any hassles to check up on your battery levels. 


Another way to know the battery status of your iPhone is by asking Siri. Siri is the very popular AI assistant in iOS that is made for assisting you with different functions. You can just speak out a question like “Hey Siri, what is my battery percentage?” and you will get your answer. You can also activate Siri by long-pressing the side button on your iPhone 11. 

Connect the Charger

This alternative is suitable for those who have access to their charging cables, or Qi-supported wireless chargers. Putting your iPhone to charge will display the battery percentage on the screen while it is charging. This can be convenient for the time it’s being charged. 


The newer iPhones do not have enough space on their status bar to display the battery percentage like before. However, these tricks will do the job for you. Following these methods makes it easy to show the battery percentage on your iPhone 11 or similar models. We hope this article helped you find the most suitable way on how to show the battery percentage on your iPhone.

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