8 Best MacBook Pro Cases (13 inches) : Buying Guide

Best MacBook Pro Cases

Owning gadgets require a special amount of care to maintain them, especially if you own something as delicate as a MacBook! Any experienced MacBook user would know that a premium quality laptop requires equally good quality accessories to maintain its class and finish. Just as you protect your phones with cases and covers, you can also protect your MacBooks with equally durable cases. Here are our top picks for the best MacBook Pro cases 13 inches: 

Quick Summary:

  • Shock-proof and extra protective cases are highly recommended for better care of your laptop. If you are looking for a sturdy and hard bumper case, you can easily choose among the MOSISO Heavy Duty, Neopack iShield, and Urban Armor Gear MacBook Pro cases. 
  • Go for the KECC case or the Spigen Thin Fit back cover case for a sleek and classy look.
  • If you require a minimalist design with strong protection, the Aavjo case cover and the OJOS MacBook Pro case are the right options for you! 
  • For vibrant, colorful, or a different look, you must go for the 24×7 eMall hard shell case. Its designs provide a fresh look to your laptop and make it look eye-catching.


Best macbook pro cases- Spigen thin fit back case

1) Spigen Thin Fit Back Cover Case

Spigen is a renowned brand known for designing some of the best quality gadget accessories. This Spigen case is designed for the MacBook Pro 13″ laptop. It has a minimalist and sleek design with a premium finish for the best user experience. It has precisely cut measurements to help you access the ports easily. 


  • Overheating prevention with elevated bottom design
  • Charcoal grey color
  • Case weight: 100 gm
  • Matt finished shell case


Sleek and premium design Slightly hefty
Easy to apply and remove Not dust-proof


KECC Macbook pro case

2) KECC MacBook Pro 13″ Case

This case is compatible with the MacBook Pro 13 inches. It comes in a variety of designs and colors, making your MacBook eye-catching. Its rubberized texture on the surface protects it from scratches and fingerprints. The case also comes with a keyboard cover and a screen protector to provide complete protection to your MacBook.


  • Compatible with MacBook Pro 2020/2021 models A2338/A2289/A2251
  • Bottom designed to protect from overheating
  • Case weight: 200 gm
  • Rubber feet on the bottom to keep the laptop stable
  • Slim and easy to apply
Triple protection (surface, screen, and keyboard) The keyboard cover doesn’t fit perfectly
Fingerprint, scratch, and dust-proof


Mosiso heavy duty hard shell case

3) MOSISO Heavy Duty Hard Shell Case

The MOSISO Hard Shell case is a shock-proof, hard-designed case with TPU bumper that provides ultimate protection to your MacBook. It also comes with a matching keyboard cover to protect your keyboard against dust or spills. This case is a must-buy option if you are looking to protect your Mac against bumps or falls.


  • Compatible with MacBook Pro models: A2338 M1 & A2251 & A2289
  • Engineered, shock-proof designed case 
  • Case weight: 480 gm
  • TPU bumper for ultimate protection
Good protection for the corners Complicated to remove
Comes with a keyboard cover 2. Makes the MacBook look thicker


Neopack ishield macbook pro case

4) Neopack iShield Invisible Hard Shell Case

An invisible case is something the majority of users would prefer. It fulfills the job of protection while showcasing the beautiful looks of your MacBook. This Neopack case is the best of its kind. It’s ultra-slim 0.1 mm thickness makes it look graceful while protecting your Mac. Made with durable polycarbonate material, this case is flexible and does not break easily.


  • Two-pieces design for easy application
  • Compatible with all MacBook Pro 13″ (2021) Retina Display models and M1 series 
  • UV coating for scratch resistance
  • Case weight: 250 gm
  • Anti-slip silicone feet to keep the MacBook steady
Ultra-slim, almost adds no weight Port cutouts are not always accurate
Flexible and easy to put on


Urban Armo Gear Macbook pro case

5) Urban Armor Gear MacBook Pro 13″ Case

This UAG rugged protection case is matched with military-testing standards. It comes with an armored shell and a strong grip that provides total security to your Mac. It also has cooling vents, which make sure the device doesn’t overheat. This case is very lightweight and does not add much weight to your device. This UAG case is one of the best Macbook pro cases that you can find. 


  • Compatible with MacBook Pro models: A2338 M1 & A2251 & A2289
  • Armored shell meets military drop-test standards
  • Case weight: 120 gm
  • Dual-lock closure for a secure grip
  • Slim and smooth design
Extra protection, shock-proof case Opening and closing the laptop can be a little tough with the thick corners.
Lightweight and smooth design


Aavjo hard shell case

6) Aavjo Case Cover for MacBook Pro 13″

This case is a popular choice among MacBook users. It is a hard shell cover that comes with a silicone keyboard cover as well. It’s light and slim, and it comes with a soft matt finish on the surface. It has a snap-on design that is easy to put on and off. The bottom part is fully vented for heat dissipation. 


  • Compatible with MacBook Pro 13 inch models: A2338, A2289, A2251, A2159, A1989, A1706 with Touch Bar, and A1708 without Touch Bar.
  • Rubberized fingerprint and dust-proof coating
  • Case weight: 320 gm
  • Multiple color shades to choose from
Easy to apply and practical design The keyboard cover doesn’t always fit properly
Ultra-slim and lightweight


Ojos macbook pro case

7) OJOS MacBook Pro 13″ Case

This case is designed for MacBook Pro models between the years 2016-2019. This case is similar to the other hard shell cases and equally durable. It provides complete protection to your MacBook. It comes with a silky-soft exterior and slim design with vents for heat disbursement. The two-piece design makes it easy to install and remove. 


  • Compatible with MacBook Pro 13″ models: A2159, A1989, A1706 & A1708
  • Translucent material showcases the MacBook’s features
  • Precise measurements allow access to all ports and the touch ID function
  • Case weight: 204 gm
Matt finish gives a premium look Not fingerprint-proof
Light and sleek design


24x7 eMall case

8) 24×7 eMall Case for MacBook Pro 13.”

This hard shell case comes in a variety of vibrant designs and colors. This also has a two-piece design for easy installation. It is covered with a tough rubberized shell, making it fingerprint, dust, and scratch-resistant. This case is compatible with MacBook Pros manufactured from 2016 to 2020. 


  • Easy snap-on design for hassle-free installation
  • Compatible with M1 MacBooks and models: A2338, A1989, A1706, A1708 – 2016-2020
  • 4 rubber feet to keep the MacBook steady
  • Case weight: 310 gm
Dust, scratch, and spill-proof design Makes the MacBook look thicker
Stylish and vibrant colors



Every case is built differently, but all these brands have some of the best protective cases for your device. Sleek or sturdy, the first feature any case should have is durability. Looking for a case for your Mac can be complicated and confusing. We have picked out some of the best Macbook pro cases from the lot. Please test your device’s compatibility before purchasing the products.



Q- What features to look for while getting a MacBook case?

A- You must look for the material and its durability first hand. Then look for its weight and design, as well as the fitting around your laptop. Check if it isn’t damaged from anywhere and it’s not harming or scratching your laptop from any place.

Q- How to get the right fitting case for my MacBook?

A- Check the right model that fits with your choice of case. Different models may differ slightly in dimensions. Also, check the material quality as silicon fits perfectly on any device.

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