Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Review : What to look for – Buyer’s Guide

plantronics backbeat pro 2 review

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If you are looking for a Bluetooth wireless headset with active noise cancellation, the BackBeat Pro 2 is worth investing in. Priced around $150-$160, the headphones might not belong to the budget section, but loads of features and premium quality live up to the expectation. The Active Noise Cancellation might not be the best; it still beats rivals with excellent battery life, great sound, and comfort. Surprisingly many headphones at the price point double than the  BackBeat Pro 2 might lack such quality. You can definitely invest a few bucks over $100 and trust these cans.


  • Affordable
  • Good sound quality
  • 24 hour battery life
  • Active noise cancellation


  • Average bass
  • Bulky
  • ANC can be a hit or miss

Many of us are neither gaming enthusiasts nor audiophiles; that’s why we look for wireless headsets meant for mixed usage. The Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 is one such remarkable bet in the market which is an all-rounder. These versatile headphones are sturdy, comfortable, and deliver excellent audio quality. The Backbeat Pro 2 might not be the most affordable option out there, but the features and performance do justice to its price point. However, these aren’t meant for sports and workout enthusiasts as you might find them bulky.

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Key Features

The Backbeat Pro 2 boasts of being one of the best wireless active noise-canceling headphones in its price range. The headphones connect through BlueTooth, which makes them versatile across devices. It also supports rich bass and open-listening mode, which lets you hear your surroundings. 

Type On-Ear
Connectivity Bluetooth
Active Noise Cancellation Yes
Drivers 40 mm
Frequency response 20 Hz- 20000 Hz 
Impedance 32 ohm
Battery Life 24 hours
Weight 283.5 g
Special features Noise-cancelling, open-listening mode

Sound Quality

Rating: Rating:
Audio Clarity
Bass & Tone
Gaming Sound Enhancement
Frequency Response (Hz)
Noise Cancellation
Surround Sound (7.1)

The Backbeat Pro 2 delivers excellent sound quality, and the bass is quite strong too. Overall the audio profile seems well balanced across frequencies. If you are a heavy bass lover, then you can trust these pairs of cans any day. Also, the vocals sound detailed and crisp. Even the high frequency didn’t sound distorted or too sharp on maximum volume. However, some low notes may sound underwhelming and muddly at times. Coming to its active noise cancellation, it claims to be the best but does not have very high expectations. Despite the option of active noise cancellation, it doesn’t actually block much noise. The soundstage is good but not great so let’s not expect a mind-boggling surround sound experience. All in all, the Backbeat Pro 2 has a pretty fantastic sound quality with average active noise cancellation.


Rating: Rating:
Voice Clarity & Compression
Sound Isolation
Mute Button

The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 comes with a built-in microphone that helps you carry out voice conversations on calls, FaceTime, etc. The mic is integrated into the right ear cup and can be used for open-listening mode too. This is a feature you won’t spot on a regular day. With the open-listening/talk-through mode switched on, you can hear all the ambient sounds clearly through the microphone without removing the headphones. Coming to the voice quality, the built-in mic picks up a super crisp and loud voice. Still, the poor noise isolation results in background noises on the top of your voice. Thus, if you are sitting in a noisy place, you might want to change because you and the person on another side will be annoyed with the ambient noise. However, the voice clarity and talk-through modes have stepped up its game to a large extent, so we can’t complain much.


Rating: Rating:
Look & Shape
Headphone type
On-Ear Headphones
Earpads Replaceable
Earpads Material

Plantronics might be infamous for making not-so-attractive-looking headphones and headsets; there’s no compromise on the quality. The BackBeat Pro 2 carries distinctive textured ear cups, a tweak on the boring black plastic chassis. Also, the ear pads are dark brown colored, providing it with a much premium look. The headsets feel solid, sturdy, and slightly lighter and slimmer than the original  BackBeat Pro, 2014. You get a multifunction button, micro USB, and a 3.5 mm port on the right earcup. In comparison, the left ear cup houses a single switch on edge, playback buttons on the side, ANC toggle, and a volume ring. The all-plastic body is of high quality, and the earpads are pretty soft and covered with leatherette. Also, the bottom of the headband is made up of breathable mesh to add to the comfort. However, the headphones can be swivelled 90 degrees but cannot be folded in. You also get a good quality zippered pouch to store them in while you travel. 


Compatible Devices
Pc, Tablet, Mobile Phone
Plug & Play

The Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 is a go-to plug-and-play device because of its Bluetooth connectivity and 3.5 mm jack. The headset is compatible with versatile Bluetooth devices such as PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and smartphones. 


Rating: Rating:
Type of Jack
Lightning Jack audio jack
Charging time (min)

The Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 is a true wireless Bluetooth headset. In terms of connectivity,  the BackBeat Pro 2 is a steal because it uses Class 1 Bluetooth. This Bluetooth technology lets you stream up to 100 m without getting laggy or disconnected. Honestly, you won’t find such a mighty range in many headphones. Although it doesn’t connect automatically, it shouldn’t be much of an issue to connect manually in settings.

Control & Comfort

Rating: Rating:
Comfortable to Use for Long Hours
Volume Wheel
Earpads Memory Foam

You get an array of buttons and controls on the headphones, which let you play/pause, skip, and adjust volume seamlessly. Talking about its battery life, you don’t have to worry because these Plantronics headphones claim to have 24 hours of continuous playback. The tiny LEDs on the earcup also indicate how much battery is left. 

In terms of comfort, the earcups house thick foam padding, which is extremely comfortable to the ears. In addition, the headband also has a breathable mesh that makes it light on the head. All in all, the backbeat pro 2 is a comfortable headset any day!

Warranty & Support

Rating: Rating:
1 to 3 years depending upon the country
1 to 3 years depending upon the country

All Plantronics headphones come with 1 to 3 years of warranty, depending on your country.


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