Sennheiser GSP 300 Gaming Headset Review

Sennheiser GSP 300 Gaming Headset Review

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Considering its price point and the features it offers, the Sennheiser GSP 300 is absolutely a great choice. It might not serve like the top-notch gaming headsets (which are really expensive too), it will not leave you disappointed for sure. The headset is comfortable, sounds great, good-built, and is compatible with most platforms. With little cons like a non-detachable mic and no surround sound, it still beats some other beasts of a bit higher price points. The light-featured Sennheiser gaming headset is just right for action-packed gaming without burning a hole in your pocket.


  • Quite affordable
  • Light & comfortable
  • Sennheiser quality audio
  • Crystal clear mic
  • Large volume dial
  • Great noise-cancellation
  • Great for music and games
  • Good built
  • Versatile compatibility


  • Non-detachable microphone
  • No surround sound
  • No chat-game audio balancer
  • Only one set of earpads provided
  • Cable can be a mess for console player

The new GSP 300 comes loaded with features like a noise-canceling microphone, split headband, etc. to step up your gaming performance.

Sennheiser GSP 300 Key Features

Model GSP 300
Audio Channels Stereo
Ear Coupling Around-the-ear
Acoustic Design Dynamic, closed
Frequency Response 15 – 26,000Hz
Impedance 19 Ohms
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 113 dB SPL (1kHz / 1Vrms)
Microphone Type Noise-canceling
Microphone Mute Automatic by raising the boom arm
Connectors 2 x 3.5 mm / 1 x 3.5 mm (PCV 05 Combo Audio Adaptor)
In the Box GSP 300 gaming headset / PCV 05 Combo Audio Adapter / Safety guide

Sound Quality

Rating: Rating:
Audio Clarity
Bass & Tone
Gaming Sound Enhancement
Frequency Response (Hz)
Noise Cancellation
Surround Sound (7.1)

While many gaming headsets at this price range come with compromised audio quality, the Sennheiser GSP 300 boasts its crystal-clear audio delivery with improved bass response. The high-quality sound makes it versatile for gaming, music and chatting. The GSP 300 easily manages to provide a solid sound quality over long periods without any discomfort

The GSP 300 reproduces relatively accurate audio with a few things worth mentioning. There’s a major de-emphasis in the sub-bass range, as well as in the high range. The de-emphasis in the very low bass range can make electronic music sound smoother. Some bass drums and guitar notes may get hard to perceive, but you’d have to listen to it more closely to get those notes. Thus, it may cause trouble when it comes to very faint bass lines in songs.

Meanwhile, this audio profile becomes more preferable in gaming. The de-emphasis in the bass range makes low rumbling voices sound quieter and less overpowering while being sharp enough. In survival games like Battlefield 1, this gets quite helpful for listening to minute details like guns reloading nearby, chatting teammates, and footsteps too! It is also incredibly useful when locating enemies or encountering a huge number of them. You can easily position yourself according to the dainty noises and get ready for that action.

Overall, this Sennheiser gaming headset lives up to the mark with the brilliant sound output providing an exquisite experience to the gamers!


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Voice Clarity & Compression
Sound Isolation
Mute Button

The Sennheiser GSP 300 comes with a noise-canceling boom mic on its left side. The microphone is non-detachable and also has a big volume rocker which is quite handy as compared to small ones in other headsets. Though GSP 300’s non-detachable mic may sound like a hassle to some, it is quite movable and gets automatically muted when flipped upwards with a click.

The precision microphone sounds crisp and clear picking up all the necessary vocals and eliminating background noises. While switching to GSP 300, other players can easily tell the difference on how better the player sounds now. Also, the voice cancellation on the GSP 300 is remarkable providing the players with undistorted voice quality. Yes, it might be the best mic in this price range!


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Look & Shape
Dual-tone with blue accents
Headphone type
On-Ear Headphones
Earpads Replaceable
Earpads Material

The Sennheiser GSP 300 has a compact design with a couple of design tweaks. It carries a sleek and gorgeous look which immediately identifies itself as a Sennheiser headset. The high-quality plastic body makes it extremely light-weight and durable

The ear pads are large and oval-shaped, made up of memory foam which delivers utmost comfort for long gaming sessions. The pads are covered in leatherette which is one of the most popular choices among headset brands. This leatherette covering is comfortable and aesthetic but may get hot and sweaty during long gaming sessions. The Sennheiser gaming headset comes in a dual-tone design, with blue accents complementing the grey and black body. Also, the closed acoustic design provides natural isolation for an uninterrupted gaming experience!


Compatible Devices
Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Smartphones
Plug & Play

The GSP 300 is a 3.5 mm jack gaming headset, making it an easy plug-and-play device.  It comes with the PVC 05 adapter making it compatible with most Xbox and Playstation controllers that have a 3.5 mm jack port. Apart from this, the GSP 300 is usually compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and smartphones too.


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Type of Jack
3.5 mm mini-jack

The headset doesn’t support a wireless connection and comes with a 3.5 mm cable with a length of about 2 meters. Also, the GSP 300 boasts a huge battery life of 100 hours with a charging time of 20 hours.

Control & Comfort

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Comfortable to Use for Long Hours
Volume Wheel
Earpads Memory Foam

The ear pads are large and oval-shaped, made up of memory foam which makes them very comfortable. The earpads are covered in leatherette being the most popular choice amongst the manufacturers. This leatherette adds to the comfort and aesthetics but may get hot and sweaty during long gaming sessions.

Warranty & Support

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2 Years
2 Years

All Sennheiser headsets and headphones come with a 2-year international warranty.

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