Not on Top Headphone Sony MDR XB950BT Review

Sony MDR XB950BT Review

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Sony is an undeniable choice of brand when it comes to excellent sound quality gadgets. No wonder why audiophiles look for Sony headphones when it comes to crystal clear music experience. The Sony MDR XB950BT is one such example of impeccable budget lineups from Sony that deliver great sound quality and flaunts one of the flashiest looks! In addition, the headphones are Bluetooth wireless enables making them one of the most comfortable and portable pairs of cans by Sony. Also, if you are a bass lover, the Sony MDR XB950BT might be your next favorite headphones because they are also known for their powerful bass!

Sony MDR XB950BT Key Features

The Sony MDR XB950BT are over-ear wireless headphones that feature Bluetooth connectivity and NFC for seamless music streaming. It boasts an Electro Bass Booster mode, perfect for those who love that extra thumpy bass effect.

Type Over-Ear
Connectivity Bluetooth
Active noise cancellation No
Drivers 40 mm
Impedance 24 Ohms
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz

3 Hz– 28 kHz with audio cable 

Battery life 20 hours
Weight 283.5 g
Special features NFC Technology, Electronic Bass Boost, Extended frequency range with the supplied cable

Sound Quality

The first and foremost quality of the audio you will notice is the bass-heavy audio profile. On top of that, you can enable the Electronic Bass Boost mode, which makes EDM and hip-hop genres an absolute pleasure. However, users might notice distortion at high volumes, which is a huge letdown at times. Nevertheless, the audio quality of the Sony MDR XB950BT is still pretty clean and decent with the bass boost mode off. 

The frequency range is quite decent, ranging from 20Hz-20kHz like most headphones but hey! The Sony MDR XB950BT doesn’t stop here. Yes, you get an extended frequency range of 3Hz-28 kHz if you plug in the headphone through the given audio cord. That’s right; these wireless headphones also offer a wired connection for a non-stop music experience, even if it runs out of juice. Coming to the active features like noise cancellation, you won’t get any of that in XB950BT. Thus, if you listen to music in even moderately loud environments, ambient noises might ruin your experience. Overall, the wireless headphones have a decent audio quality and are mostly focused on bass-lovers.


Like most wireless Bluetooth headphones, the Sony MDR XB950BT features an integrated mic. Yes, you won’t get any detachable or non-detachable boom mic-like gaming headphones. Nevertheless, the microphone is decent enough for Bluetooth calling. Although the mic on XB950BT does a fairly decent job of talking over calls, do not expect much from the isolation point of view. Most users complain of heavy ambient noises piercing through the microphone, making it not so pleasant experience for the person listening. It’s only a good idea to talk over calls from this wireless headset when in a peaceful environment.


The Sony MDR XB950BT lacks a lot in terms of looks and design. They hold a not-so-fancy look which mostly seems plain boring with the all-plastic body with no tweaks. Currently, the headphones are only available in black color. However, Sony has managed to add a little fun with the thin red bands around each earcup, and the back of the earcups feel premium due to the matte finish. Also, the headphones might look simple and sophisticated; the build quality is quite impressive and feels very solid. They are pretty travel-friendly in terms of portability as they are lightweight, and the earcups can be swiveled to fold in flat. However, the headphones are not very sleek or compact; rather, they are a bit on a bulkier side. The ear cups are well padded with thick plush leather cushions making them extremely comfortable and pretty deep. This provides the user with enough room for the ears and a pleasant experience for long hours. In short, these wireless headphones carry a simple and ergonomic design that is equally well-built and sturdy.


These wireless Bluetooth headphones are compatible with most Bluetooth devices such as Android, iOS, tablets, laptops, MAC, etc. You can also connect it to a PC through the provided audio cable.


Primarily, the Sony MDR XB950BT features wireless connectivity through Bluetooth v4.0. The pairing process is quite easy and fast. Also, the headphones support the Near Field Communication (NFC) feature, which lets you play music as soon as you tap the headphones to your mobile device. Quite handy. As easy as it gets, the headphones also come with an audio cable for a wired connection. You get a 4.1 ft long standard 1/8″ TRS audio cable in the box. This audio cable also helps you continue listening to music even if the battery dies. Coming to the battery life, the Sony MDR XB950BT boasts an impressive battery life of about 20 hours. But, it will cost you a massive 4 hours to charge them fully.

Control & Comfort

The control scheme on these wireless headphones is quite decent. You won’t get a lot of robust controls or customizations, but it provides all user-intuitive features. Skip/forward tracks, play/pause, and volume controls are all housed on the right cup, whereas the left cup has a power button and the bass mode on/off button. Surprisingly, the buttons on the left earcup are much flatter and not as responsive as those on the right earcup.

In terms of comfort, these have to be some of the most comfortable headphones out there. The thick and spacious earpads made of memory foam covered with plush leather feel amazing on the ears. This makes them one of the best choices for people with relatively bigger ears who have difficulty finding headphones with large ear space.

Warranty & Support

Depending on the region, you can get a warranty ranging from a minimum of 6 months to 1-year.

Is Sony MDR XB950 BT Worth Purchasing?

If you are a bass-lover looking for a booming music experience with equally clear voice quality, Sony MDR XB950 BT is a great choice. The best part is that it has all the necessary features that perform decently and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. However, if you are mostly an outdoor enthusiast, these headphones might not impress you because of their poor noise isolation of both the headphones and the microphone.

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