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Xbox Wireless Headset Review

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Gamers have always been crushing on Xbox because of how premium it feels and the power-packed performance it delivers. However, with every device going wireless, a cabled gaming console sounds like a hassle. That’s why Microsoft’s release of Xbox Wireless Headsets has been a piece of refreshing news for the gaming community. Specially designed for Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X consoles. You can also connect these wireless gaming headsets through USB-A to USB-C cable. These comfortable pair of cans can be your next favorite gaming headset if you are a big-time Xbox gamer.

Xbox Wireless Headset Key Features 

Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Headset is specially designed for Xbox Wireless protocol. It enables seamless wireless pairing across Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One. They provide excellent gaming sound enhancement with spatial sound technologies like Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, etc. 

Type Over-Ear
Connectivity Bluetooth
Active noise cancellation Yes
Drivers 40 mm
Impedance 32 Ohms
Frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz
Battery life Up to 19 hours
Weight 310 g
Special features Supports Spatial Sound technologies like Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone:X on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One*

Sound Quality

Rating: Rating:
Audio Clarity
Bass & Tone
Gaming Sound Enhancement
Frequency Response (Hz)
Noise Cancellation
Surround Sound (7.1)

Xbox Wireless Headset’s sound profile is quite bass-heavy so that it will be an absolute treat to bass lovers. Even if you choose the flattest EQ setting, “Game EQ” settings, it would still sound booming. This means action-packed games are automatically enhanced by the thumpy explosions, firing, and enemy steps. However, if you are not a big fan of thumpy bass, you can adjust through various EQ presets. The overall sound quality is above average, with a high emphasis on highs and mid-range. In terms of frequency response, it is not as consistent as we expected. Yes, the frequency response largely depends on the fit, seal, and position of the headsets. Thus, the overall bass and trebles might get affected for the same reasons. 

The headset offers average noise isolation for a gaming headset. Also, do not expect any active noise canceling feature. So, the headphones sound good and offer average noise isolation, which is fair enough for gaming.


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Voice Clarity & Compression
Sound Isolation
Mute Button

You get a non-detachable boom mic, which reproduces decent voice quality. Although it is non-detachable, it is adjustable enough to move away when not in use. Ut also supports chat game audio balance by the auto-mute feature that automatically mutes your microphone when you aren’t talking. rLike all gaming headsets, you won’t face any trouble while handling game chats or live streaming with this boom mic. However, the noise isolation of the mic is relatively poor, which won’t block ambient noises, not even in medium loud situations. Overall, the microphone lacks depth but sounds clear enough for gaming and attending calls.


Rating: Rating:
Look & Shape
Headphone type
Closed-Back Headphones
Earpads Replaceable
Earpads Material

The headphones feature a simple and sleek design and are mostly made of plastic. Currently, the Xbox wireless headset is available in the black variant. It carries an all-black chassis with bright green accents on the earcups giving it a sporty look. However, the irony lies that these are not suitable for sports or workouts as they are heavier and trap heat. The wireless gaming headset weighs about 310 grams and boasts a solid build. The bulky and no-fold design of the headphones also makes them not so travel-friendly. 

As the headbands feature over-ear and closed-back design, some heat gets trapped when you use them for long hours. The earcups are nicely padded with faux leather, which feels good on the skin. However, the headband can feel too tight in the initial few days of use. But don’t worry, users stated that the headband got adjusted to their head after some time.


Compatible Devices
Xbox S|X series, Xbox One smartphones, laptops, PC, and Xbox wireless adapter
Plug & Play

The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset is specially released for the Xbox S|X series and Xbox One. However, it is also compatible with other devices like smartphones, laptops, PC, and Xbox wireless adapters.


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Type of Jack
USB audio jack
Charging time (min)

Primarily meant for Bluetooth wireless Xbox gaming, the Microsoft Xbox wireless headset also offers a wired connection through USB-A to USB-C cable. For a wireless connection, it supports Bluetooth 4.2 for a seamless gaming experience. However, sometimes it gets confusing as it can be paired to a Bluetooth device like a smartphone while connected to an Xbox console. However, the audio latency varies across devices, thus having an optimal performance on Xbox consoles. 

The wireless range depends upon the device connected. It offers up to 20 feet (6 meters) for Xbox consoles and can extend up to 33 feet (10 meters) for other Bluetooth devices.

The wireless gaming headset also boasts a good battery life of up to 19 hours and takes almost 3 hours to charge fully. While you run out of juice, you can still enjoy it by plugging them through the USB-A to C cable. This cable is also used for charging the headphones.

Control & Comfort

Rating: Rating:
Comfortable to Use for Long Hours
Volume Wheel
Earpads Memory Foam

The Xbox wireless headphones come with mediocre controls offering intuitive functionalities. These include a left dial for channel mixing, a right dial for volume adjustment,mute button for the mic, and a mic on/off LED indicator. At last, you get a distinctive power on/off button, bright green in color. The button has different indicative sounds to distinguish between power and Bluetooth function.

In terms of comfort, the wireless gaming headset is pretty comfortable. The stability of the headband is also great so that it won’t fall off easily during game movements. The earcups are also spacious to give enough room for ears. 

Warranty & Support

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90 days
90 days

The Xbox Wireless Headset comes with a 90-day limited manufacturer warranty.

Is Xbox Wireless Headset worth purchasing?

You will find these headsets to be an absolute boon if you are an Xbox lover! Especially if you are looking for something apart from the cabled mess. Most Xbox gamers have already switched to Xbox wireless headsets as soon as it was launched. If you are on a budget, these can be a great choice, otherwise, you can look for rivals with robust features that are priced much higher as well.

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