Netgear ac1200 Review: What to expect

NETGEAR AC1200 Review

NETGEAR is a renowned brand in the arena of modern wireless routers. From high-end models meant for extensive gaming and streaming freaks, NETGEAR has come with budget line ups making them everyone’s favorite. The NETGEAR AC1200 (R6220) first launched in 2017, is a great deal-breaker that is light on features but under budget. This is a dual-band wireless router that comes with the wireless configuration of AC1200, which means a bandwidth of 1200 Mbps. Although it doesn’t beat the top-notch rivals, considering the affordable price range with an above-average throughput and mediocre features, we can’t ask for more.  Given below is a detailed unbiased Netgear ac1200 Review to understand the aspect of its working better.

Key Features:

netgear ac1200 review - Key Features

This dual-band wireless router claims to deliver an overall throughput of 1200 Mbps (300Mbps at 2.4Ghz band and 900Mbps at 5GHz band). With a good connectivity range of 1200 sq. ft. You can connect up to 20 devices at the same time, making it a good choice for apartments and small offices. Also, the R6220 houses a single-core 880MHz MediaTek processor with a storage space of 128MB ( RAM and Flash ). However, the router still lacks advanced software supports like MU-MIMO.

Type Dual-band
Wireless configuration 802.11 A/C 1200
Total throughput  1200 Mbps (300Mbps (2.4Ghz) + 900 Mbps (5 GHz)
Network coverage Up to 1200 sq. ft
CPU Processor Single core 880MHz MediaTek
Ethernet ports 4 * Gigabit Ethernet ports
USB Ports Single 2.0 USB port
Antennas 2 * adjustable but non-removable


netgear ac1200 review - design

The AC1900 carries a simple and glossy top chassis with two adjustable omnidirectional antennas. The antennas are undetachable though and extend up to 5 inches, hence it may eat up some space. However, it is pretty compact and lightweight weighing just about 385 grams! There is nothing remarkable about the design itself, it’s just a simple classic rectangular router with enough vent holes to prevent it from heating up.

In the front, you will see a big NETGEAR logo and a line of 9 blinking lights depicting each function which lights up solid green when in use. At the back, you get the usual array of ports like four gigabit LAN ports, one USB 2.0 port, one WAN port, and four simple buttons for WPS, Wi-Fi on/off, reset, and power. The router lacks a 3.0 USB port which is quite common in recent router models. Overall, the minimal design and shape make it easy to lay down or wall-mounted. Adding to its stability, there are 4 silicone pads at the bottom corners to prevent it from budging.


While the router is feature-light, it supports many security platforms like WPA/WPA2. You can also use SPA2 which is a security protocol providing NAT and SPI firewalls successfully blocking cyberattacks like DoS. It can also scan other Wi-Fi networks in its range which can disrupt its network. The router also supports parental controls which can provide you full customization on what your children can access on the internet. It consists of a basic interface where you can choose the level of restriction. However, you need to register for an open DNS account to use this feature.

Hardware Specs:

Brand Netgear
Series Netgear AC1200
Model number R6220
Product color Black
Router dimensions 19 x 25 x 10 cm
Memory chip 128MB DDR3 RAM

128MB NAND flash memory

Batteries Included No
Connector Type LAN
Programmable buttons No
Product weight 385 g

Hardware Requirements:

The Netgear AC1200 R6220 requires the following for a successful configuration:

  • Operating software: Microsoft Vista®, Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Vista, Linux®, 2000, Mac OS, or UNIX.
  • Supported browser: Google Chrome™ 11.0 or higher, Firefox® 2.0, Safari® 1.4, or Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 5.0.


Like other modern routers, the Netgear AC1200 also has an easy setup process. Follow these simple steps to get the router ready to use:

  • Connect the Netgear AC1200 wireless router to your PC and internet service provider.
  • An automatic Netgear Genie software will pop up confirming the connection.
  • Click on the “yes” button and the Netgear Genie Setup Wizard will appear. Within a minute, this Setup Wizard will configure and check your internet connection.
  • Afterward, it will automatically configure DHCP and wireless configuration settings
  • After this simple process is over, the wireless router is ready to use.

Overall, the Netgear AC1200 R2260 has a user-friendly interface while installing but somehow the software is slow. The interface and layout also look a bit outdated for today’s times. Besides the browser version you will also be given a choice to download both of their dedicated software; Netgear Genie and ReadyShare. We highly recommend getting both of these as they are really handy when it comes to settings and plenty of customizations.

Performance Review:

With an overall throughput of 1200 Mbps, it is noticed that the router provides high-speed internet of about 824 Mbps in the 5Ghz band. The speed is enough for simultaneous streaming and browsing. In numbers, the connectivity range of Netgear AC1200 is about 30 feet. While you are standing within one foot or 20 feet, you will be enjoying the same speed with little drop. However, when you go beyond 30 feet, the speed is notably dropped. Therefore, to summarise, we can say that the router provides fast speed internet in the range within 20 feet. After that, you can expect slower internet connectivity.

While the wireless router lacks advanced software like MU-MIMO and BeamForming, you can access other helpful tools like Parental Controls and Guest Network settings. Overall, it doesn’t fit in high-speed models today but does a decent job considering the price point.

Price Review:

Netgear ac1200 Price

Priced at just around $50, makes it one of the cheapest entry-level dual-band routers which have essential features. While the price may vary from $50-$80 bucks platform to platform, it is indeed a steal. If lack of fancy features doesn’t bother you, it is quite a decent option at this price point. To be noted, this router is mainly intended for small-mid-size apartments and homes.

Is Netgear AC1200 Worth Buying?

For those looking for a good entry-level router for their homes on a budget, the Netgear AC1200 makes up a good choice. You can connect a decent number of devices in your home and browse and stream simultaneously. Though it won’t offer fancy features like MU-MIMO and BeamForming which are trending these days, it will suffice regular home users. If you have extreme gaming freaks or highly dependent on fancy software, this router isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you are just looking for a reliable internet connection with decent speed and controls, it’s definitely worth considering the Netgear R6220.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I plug this device via ethernet cable from my cable modem to extend my cable wifi range?

Yes. All of these Netgear routers can either be used as range extenders OR wired into becoming the primary internet source for your home.

2. What are the two bands on this router?

It is a dual-band router (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).

3. Is this compatible with Macbook?


4. Can this device be used as a wi-fi extender?

No, it doesn’t have wi-fi repeater or extender capability.

5. How’s the range with this router? 

The range is quite good and is suitable for small to medium size apartments and also a two-story house.

6. Does this router supports 4k streaming?

Yes, it does.

Value for money Lacks 3.0 USB port
Decent features Lacks MU-MIMO, BeamForming
Excellent performance at 5 GHz band Non-removable antennas
Ample ventilation A tacky web browser interface
Good security features
Minimalistic design
Extremely lightweight


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