Netgear C7000 Review

netgear c7000 review

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The Netgear C7000 also known as Netgear Nighthawk C7000 is a cable modem with a built-in router. The router is a dual-band AC1900 router with the latest DOCSIS 3.0 and a maximum theoretical throughput of 1900 Mbps ( 1300 Mbps on 5 GHz and 600 Mbps on 2.4 GHz ). The router is pretty easy to set up and has average security and software controls. However, handling a large number of devices simultaneously can be a pain as it lacks MU-MIMO and QoS settings.


  • Sleek and lightweight
  • High speed 
  • Easy to set up
  • Parental controls and software support
  • Supported by most ISPs


  • Lacks MU-MIMO
  • Lacks QoS
  • Somewhat expensive

In the era of advanced technologies, every brand strives to come up with gadgets that blow the market. Especially when everything is going wireless from earbuds to garage doors, why can’t we have a wireless modem too? Yes, you heard it right; the Netgear C7000 is such a wireless modem that can save you a lot of money in the long run while providing you with exceptional internet connectivity. A wireless modem might be an expensive investment initially, but it can prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

However, some typical queries usually strike our mind, such as – will it deliver the same speed as a conventional router? Will it be compatible with my ISP or router? And much more. That’s why we are here to answer your questions with this detailed review of the Netgear C7000 Wireless router.

Technical Specifications

CPU Processor Dual-core
Connector Type Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Data Transfer Rate 1 Gigabit Per Second
Band Type Dual-band
Wireless Type IEEE 802.11 n, ac, g, and b
Best Range 2300
Wifi Speed (Peak Throughput) 1900
LAN Speed 1 Gbps
MU-MIMO Tech-Enabled No
Beam-forming Capability Yes
No. of Supported Devices
Network Stability Rarely fluctuate
Number of Antennas 3


USB Port (2.0 USB)
USB Port (3.0 USB)
Ethernet Port
External Antenas
Internal Antenas
Detachable antenna

The Netgear C7000 being such a high-end modem, surprised us with its compact and lightweight design. The router has an all-black plastic body with sleek and modern looks. In the front, you can see various status indicator LED lights. At the back, you can find an array of ports such as four-gigabit ethernet ports, a single USB 2.0 port, a coax cable port, and the port for the power cord.

This wireless modem also has three built-in antennas instead of external antennas that add to its streamlined aesthetics. If we talk about the physical ports, it’s not a very high-end or fancy collection. Nevertheless, the ports are enough for regular usage in small to medium size homes and offices. The vertical standing design helps you save a lot of space while placing it. Therefore, you can put it almost everywhere where you get an ISP connection cord.

Setting Up Guide

The set-up process is pretty straightforward. To begin with, you need to gather all of your ISP data—account number, username, etc. Then, connect your Netgear Nighthawk to power and a coax cable. Connect the router to a computer via Ethernet and launch a web browser to set it up. Log in to the modem’s backend, and activate it through our ISP service. While the Netgear Nighthawk C7000 doesn’t have excellent software support, it’s enough to control your internet network without being a hassle.

After you log in, you’ll see six tiles on the home page. Now, click through to manage your cable connection and access parental controls and other wireless settings. You can also access more settings and precise controls by clicking on the “Advanced” tab. Here you will see in-depth information about your connection or set up dynamic DNS settings. The Netgear C7000 comes with a quick installation guide as well, which has all the necessary steps.


The modem features an in-built router with dual-band connectivity and a maximum theoretical throughput of 1900 Mbps. It can deliver up to 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and 1,300 Mbps on the 5.0GHz band. 

While testing in a 2,500 sq ft home, the internet speeds and coverage were quite reliable. The maximum speeds dropped from 230 Mbps to 130 Mbps as we moved to the farthest corners. However, this speed might not be the fastest but is entirely satisfactory regarding the distance from the router. Nevertheless, the router maintained high-speed internet of 250 Mbps most of the time without any network instability. The wired LAN connectivity also performed average and was able to maintain a consistent speed of 210 Mbps. 

However, you must note that Netgear C7000 doesn’t support MU-MIMO or QoS capabilities which can be a hindrance while handling a large number of simultaneous connections.  However, HD streaming on 6-7 devices was pretty average, with about 152 Mbps, under all that stress. Thus, you won’t be able to get superfast speeds on a large number of devices. 


Security Software
Yes, with Lifetime Updates
Firmware Update
WEP / WPA / WPA2 Supported
MAC Filtering

The Netgear C7000 cable modem router offers basic security protocols that guarantee a safe and secure internet connection. The security protocol followed by the router is (802.11i, 128-bit AES encryption with PSK) WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, and WPA/WPA2. If you are looking for the latest WPA3 encryption, you won’t get that. Nevertheless, this latest security protocol has been available only on a few authorized devices till now.

System Requirements

Firstly, you would need a cable broadband internet service to pump on the internet in your house. Make sure that your ISP supports the high-speed tier of AC 1900 routers. The Netgear C7000 is not compatible with Cable bundled voice services.

Devices that are compatible with the router must have:-

  • Microsoft® Windows 7, 8, Vista®, XP®, 2000, Mac OS®, UNIX®, or Linux®
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 5.0, Firefox® 2.0, Safari® 1.4
  • Google Chrome™ 11.0 browsers or higher

Warranty & Support

The Netgear R6320 comes with a limited 1-year Hardware Warranty. You also get 24/7 basic technical support for 90 days from the date of purchase, which is only applicable when purchased from a NETGEAR authorized reseller.

What is in the box?

  • Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router (C7000v2)
  • An Ethernet cable for LAN connections
  • Documentation
  • A Power adapter

Is Netgear C7000 Worth Purchasing?

The Netgear C7000 proves to be a great cable modem and router combo. The built-in AC 1900 DOCSIS 3.0 router is an absolute delight for heavy internet users at homes and offices. The high-speed internet with excellent network coverage is something we all are looking for! However, the cable modem and router combo isn’t a very budget option. Also, the high price is quite off-putting, considering it lacks MU-MIMO and QoS features. If you are looking for a reliable connection for small to medium-sized houses and offices, then the Netgear C7000 remains a great choice. Whereas, if you want a high-speed connection for more than 8-10 simultaneous connections, you better look for other options at much lower price points.


Q- Is the absence of the MU-MIMO feature a subject of concern with this model?

A- The MU-MIMO feature allows the router to have simultaneous connections with different devices without any hindrance or lagging issues. Yes, the absence of the MU-MIMO feature in the C7000 is a con, but it still provides HD streaming on 6-7 devices and works pretty well. So, it definitely works with average-sized households with a limited number of users.

Q- Is the C7000 strong enough for me to stream on Twitch? 

A- Yes, it will allow you to do so. However, it depends on the speed and plan of your internet connection. In most cases, you can go ahead with streaming on a satisfactory level. 

Q- Why am I getting slow Wi-Fi speed with the C7000?

A- There is probably a glitch with your connection. Contact your service provider and make sure there is no issue from their end. Other than that, using the cable connection will provide you a faster speed than using the Wi-Fi connection on this router. 

Q- Does this device have a Geo-filter?

A- No, the C7000 does not feature a Geo-filter. 

Q- Do I need to buy more cables other than what they provide in the box?

A- There is no need to get any more cables or accessories. This product comes with all the required items you will need for the setup. 

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