TP Link AC1900 Archer C9 Review

TP-Link AC1900 Archer C9 Overall Review

As we have started relying on the internet more than before, we all are looking for good wireless routers for a seamless experience. From homes to offices, every place needs at least one wireless router which offers great speed, range, security, etc. Luckily, TP-Link is one such trusted brand that has been always coming up with great routers satisfying all parameters. The TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 is among one of those powerful lineups which you can get without digging deep into your pocket. Although it isn’t the fastest it surely is a great overall performer under budget.

TP Link AC1900 C9 Key Features:

TP-Link AC1900 Archer C9 Key Feature Review

This dual-band wireless router has a pretty good overall data transfer speed of up to 1900 Mbps ( Up to 600Mbps over 2.4GHz and 1,300Mbps over 5GHz ). It also offers a fairly nice coverage area of 9-10 metres making it perfect for small-midsize apartments and small offices. Though it does not support MU-MIMO yet, it has a strong back up of BeamForming and Guest Network settings which helps with the optimization of paired wireless devices. Also, to provide you with a secure data connection, the TP Link AC1900 supports WPA/WPA 2, SPI Firewall Access Control IP & MAC Binding Application Layer Gateway and VPN services.

Key Features

Type Dual-band
Wireless spec AC1900 802.11ac
Max WiFi speed Up to 1900 Mbps
Connectivity range  Up to 30 feet
CPU processor 1GHz Dual-Core
Ethernet ports 4x 10/100/1000Mbps
USB ports  1x USB 3.0 + 1x USB 2.0
Antennas 3x Dual Band External


TP-Link AC1900 Archer C9 Design Review

Unlike most of the AC1900 rivals, the TP-Link Archer C9 does not carry a sharp and robust looking design. Instead, the router comes in a smooth and glossy chassis with a silver stand that adds to the elegance. Originally launched in white colour, a black version is also available now. This is also one of the reasons why Apple devices lovers have a slight inclination to this router; yes it somewhat resembles the classy Apple colour scheme. Sadly, this unique set up design makes it difficult to lay flat or mount it on a wall without any chances of falling. However, the router looks really good on your TV cabins and tables.

There are 3 adjustable and removable antennas that themselves have a matte finish, again adding to the aesthetics. In the front, the router houses 8 tiny LEDs for each function which lit up blue when working. At the back, you get a USB 2.0 port, WPS port, an Ethernet LAN port, power socket, a reset button and an on/off switch. Luckily, you also get a distinct 3.0 USB port for sharing your files. 



Coming to the software support, the TP-Link Archer C9 can be controlled by TP-Link’s companion app, Tether. This app provides an array of helpful controls like limiting connected devices, creating a guest network, network maintenance and Wi-Fi blocklist. Interestingly the app has custom interfaces for different router models. So, if you go for higher-end models like Archer AX6000’s interface has more features than the C9. Also, if you are a regular user of the MU-MIMO feature this router is not for you as it doesn’t support it.

Besides the app, you can also control the router through TP-Link’s site. There you can get more advanced features such as USB settings for file sharing and printing, blocking sites, access control, DHCP settings, and security features too. 


Hardware specifications: TP Link AC1900 C9 Hardware Specifications

Brand  TP-Link
Series  TP link AC1900
Model number Archer C9
Router height 9.5 inches
Router width 3.9 inches
Product dimensions 33.53 x 9.91 x 24.13 cm
Product Weight 1.36 Kg

TP Link AC1900 Connectivity- Performance Testing

Being a budget router, it doesn’t offer exceptional throughput performance but isn’t disappointing. As it is an AC1900 router, it delivers a good overall data transfer of 1900 Mbps for gaming, streaming on both bands. And, the total connectivity range is about 30 feet. 

  • Wi-Fi Speed 

The TP-Link Archer C9 provides a decent speed of about 1900 Mbps consisting of 300 Mbps on the 5 GHz band and up to 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. For a wireless router at this price point, it is a steal. While the Wi-Fi connection covers a total of 30 feet radius, it will eventually get slower as you get farther. For example, at a distance of 15 feet, the speed already dropped to half. Naturally, at the maximum distance of 30 feet, the router struggles to deliver a good speed. Now, different countries have different data speed limits therefore we cannot get the same speed in every country. even the different areas in a particular country may vary due to different service providers. 

  • Ethernet LAN Speed

The TP-link Archer C9 AC 1900 comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports at the back. All four LAN ports and the WAN port are Gigabit ports which provide a great LAN speed faster than 100MB/s without any limitation on internet connections. You will get an RJ45 LAN cable inside the box itself to connect it to your internet connection. 

Apart from the cable, you get usual in-box accessories such as an AC/DC power adapter, Archer C9 manual, resource CD, and a quick set-up guide. Also, if you are from India, the compatible ISPs are Hathway, ACT, Sify, Airtel, You, and Spectranet.


TP Link AC1900 Setup: 

Being a modern router, the setup process is quite easy. Just browse the official TP-Link website. The router shows up automatically once you plug in the router and then you can customize it accordingly. Not to forget, it’s not a modem router so you’ll need to get a modem separately.

  • After the quick admin setup, you can see options like Network map, wireless, internet settings, and guest network.
  • Go for the basic menu which will lead you to basic set up options like name, password, etc.
  • For more customizations, go to the advanced menu where you will get more features like limiting the number of devices, blocklist, parental controls, etc.

If browsing the site, again and again, is a hassle for you, simply install the Tether App on your Android or IOS mobile for a seamless experience. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support the PC for now.

TP Link AC1900 Price and Verdict

TP Link AC1900 Price and Verdict

The TP Link AC1900 C9 is one of the budget routers which do not compromise with its performance. Priced at $106 -$133 you can get it from various online and offline platforms. For a modern and feature-rich router, this is an absolute budget favorite for many. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget wireless router that offers reasonably decent speed and network stability along with advanced software support like BeamForming, this is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many bands does the router have?

It is a dual-band router (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz).

2. How is the transfer speed to an external hard drive via the USB 3.0 port?

It’s not too impressive. For instance, a USB 3.0 drive capable of upwards of 100mbps directly connected to the PC was limited to just 27mbps via the router’s USB 3.0 port.

3. What is the voltage range of the adapter?

The Archer C9’s AC Adapter supports a multi-voltage range of 100-240v, 50/60Hz.

4. Is it easy to install and set up?

Yes, the Archer C9 supports multiple setup methods; either via the convenient TP-Link Tether app on your smartphone, or by simply using a web browser.

5. Does it works with Comcast?

Yes, the Archer C9 provides universally compatible Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless devices using industry-standard Wi-Fi technology, including Comcast.

6. Can I change DNS on this AC1900?

You would have a password set up for one Domain Name Server or Internet Protocol (IP) address. If you change the IP address you would need to reset the AC1900.

Value for money Doesn’t beat high-speed routers at short distances 
Good data speed on both bands Only one 3.0 USB port
Detachable antennas Can’t be laid flat or wall-mounted
Easy setup Fingerprint prone
App control
Reliable network stability


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