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Top SSD Hard Drives For Video Editing

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External hard drives have become a necessity for photographers and video editors. Though external hard drives used to be a bulky piece of accessory to carry around, their face is completely changed now! 

Hard drives are essential for someone who has to manage a large number of files without the risk of losing them. Luckily, today video editors have the facility of some of the most exceptional external hard drives to assist them while they keep track of their work. 

Let us see some of the top picks for SSD external hard drives for video editors!

Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD 1TB

Sandisk is a well known brand in the world of electronic accessories. There are quite a few options for you to choose from when you go to look for a hard drive. However, Sandisk is a well trusted brand. This SSD comes with a fairly good number of features which makes it an all-rounder option to go for. 

From being dust and water resistant to being lightweight and rubberized, the Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD is a user-friendly drive. This hard drive is also available in 250GB and 500GB, however, for a video editor, 1TB is the best option to go with. Since you require an ample amount of storage to successfully edit and save good quality videos, 1TB is the ideal storage capacity to work with. 

From general feedback, we have come to know that Sandisk is a brand that does not disappoint users. Thus, if you wish for a hassle-free experience, we would highly recommend this product!

Seagate 5TB Gaming SSHD

If 1TB is an ample amount of storage, imagine the capacity of 5TB! Seagate, another well-known brand, comes with a great external hard drive option for you to choose. The Seagate SSHD is a well-trusted option at a reasonable price. Since video editing requires a huge empty storage capacity, this hybrid drive will give you extra storage than a usual SSD. Though it won’t function as fast as an SSD, you will get space to not only save your videos but other large files on it as well. 

With extra storage and half the cost of an SSD at this capacity, you should certainly try it out and weigh the best option!

Samsung T5 Portable SSD 1TB

Samsung is quite popular in the world of mobile phones and computers. Now, talking about the accessories, the Samsung T5 portable SSD is next in our list. This external drive promises smooth performance and is well-received among happy users. 

T5 comes with USB Type-C to Type-C and Type-C to Type-A cables. Though Sandisk is a well-preferred brand, T5’s performance matches the level in a very decent manner. This SSD comes in 500GB and 2TB models as well, and you can choose your preference accordingly. Portable, lightweight, and shockproof; T5 is one of the best external SSDs available in the market. 

WD 4TB My Passport Pro Portable Drive

Right along with Seagate and Sandisk, WD is considered to be one of the best brands if you have to buy a hard drive. WD My Passport is a quite famous model of hard drives in the market. WD promises smooth, lag-free performance along with an ample storage capacity of 4TB for video editors. 

You can store high-definition videos on the drive without having any second thoughts! The portable design is another plus point as you can carry it around just the way you carry your phones. On top of this, My Passport comes with extra features like data encryption and password protection for extra security. With these features, your data is extremely safe and you do not have to worry about it being hacked or tampered with. 

Crucial 1TB X8 Portable SSD

Our final product on this list is the Crucial X8 portable SSD. With 1TB of storage capacity, X8 is easily compatible with iOS, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, iPad, Xbox, and PS4. It comes with USB-C 3. 1 Gen2 and USB-A connectors. Features like shock-proofing, drop-proof (up to 7.5 ft), and aluminum core make it even more compelling to purchase. 

Crucial X8 comes at a reasonable price with decent functioning speed and portability. With all these features, X8 becomes a good option for video editors to choose from. 


The market is ruled by the above well-known brands for hard drives. If you wish to go for a smooth and hassle-free editing experience, above given options are some of the best out of the market. Despite the fact that SSDs are faster than SSHDs, we decided to include SSHD as well to make our guide relevant and pocket-friendly!

We hope we were able to provide you with the best options out of the crowded market!

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