Top 10 Recommended 3.5mm Microphones Review 2021

Compatibility is a big issue whether it is between people or devices. Everyone these days prefers an accessory that is compatible with most gadgets. And we all know, the universal 3.5 mm cable is most sought in the gadget industry. This is because it is user-friendly and is compatible with most devices no matter which part of the world you belong to. This makes 3.5mm microphones versatile and popular. However, among the numerous options in the market, it is hard to choose the best 3.5mm microphone. Check out these top 10 recommended 3.5 mm microphones available in the market.

Best 3.5mm microphone for PC

Rode VideoMic NTG

3.5mm microphone - Rode VideoMic NTG

This 3.5mm microphone tops our list of 10 top recommended 3.5mm microphones of 2021. All thanks to its shotgun super-cardioid pattern which is helpful in collecting sound from one direction, rejecting other unwanted noise. It makes this microphone ideal for video-centric work like recording interviews and voice-overs, especially in noisy surroundings.

  •  It offers a flat frequency audio profile which ensures transparency and neutral sound
  • The design is compact with HxW dimensions 6.7 by 0.8 inches and weighs less than 100 grams. 
  • The mic also comes with a USB cable and a foam windshield with the Rode logo. And lastly, it is highly versatile across devices due to the 3.5 mm jack.
Value for money Requires good quality windscreen
Durable and flexible Battery not interchangeable
Good noise filter  
Great sound  

Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone

3.5mm microphone - Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone

The Purple Panda Lavalier Microphone comes with a complete kit of important accessories including adapters and cables. This 3.5mm microphone carries a small and compact design while delivering crisp sound quality. The mic itself is covered with foam and includes a cute furry windscreen which is equally effective. 

  • It features great stereo sound and has an omnidirectional condenser microphone for improved sound. 
  • The microphone is extremely lightweight weighing just 23 grams! It also features a 10’ long extension cable which provides more movement to the user. 
  • The 3.5 mm jack makes it compatible with smartphones, DSLRs, computers, PS4 joysticks, and even GoPro HD cameras.
Value for money Not meant for professional studios
Compact and lightweight Not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy J series.
Sleek design  
Noise elimination  

Shure VP83F LensHopper

3.5mm microphone - Shure VP83F LensHopper

With an in-built flash recorder, this 3.5mm microphone is a beast in this category. The feature lets you save the audio and use it later during the post-production stage. 

  • The microphone has a shotgun design and is easily mountable on your devices. It also delivers a great sound quality due to its condenser mic technology. It does a pretty good job in recording sounds but noise elimination is not that great
  • The microphone also comes with a backlit LCD screen for displaying details like track name, time, low-cut filter status, volume, and battery life. A 5-position joystick is provided to control it.
  • Despite the impressive features, low battery life of about 10 hours may put off some customers.
Simple to use Bit heavier than rivals
Flash recorder with LCD screen Not that adjustable
High-quality recording  
Low-cut filter  

PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone

3.5mm microphone - PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone

As the name suggests, it’s a powerful set of microphone which comes with a 3.5 mm jack. The great sound quality and affordability make it a perfect 3.5mm microphone for those who are on a budget.

  •  It is also preferable for professional video recording or voice-overs due to its crisp and clear audio. Apart from that, the build is pretty sturdy and durable.
  •  It also features a whopping 79” extension cord so that you don’t have to restrict your movement while vlogging, traveling, or podcasting. 
  • The lapel clip included within the package is convenient to use, you can attach it anywhere you want, be it your shirt or pocket. And of course, the 3.5 mm jack adds to its versatility by all means.
Versatile Poor customer support
Sturdy May stop working in long run
Super cardioid pickup pattern  
Can be used for podcasts  

Audio-Technica ATR-1200

3.5mm microphone - Audio-Technica ATR-1200

This is one of the best 3.5 mm microphones for your computer/laptop at a reasonable price. The ATR-1200 works on cardioid dynamic technology

  • This cardioid dynamic technology lets the mic filter out unnecessary noise in the surroundings. This results in great audio quality for your podcasts or other purposes.
  •  The audio profile is natural and sounds professional. 
  • Although the design is nothing special but it is quite a sturdy and long-lasting microphone for sure. 
  • The microphone also comes with a five-meter long cord, a desk stand, and an inch adaptor making it compatible with additional amplifiers and recording devices. However, super-low sensitivity and low-frequency range are huge letdowns.
Good performance Extremely low sensitivity
Easy to install Limited frequency
Flexible cable and desk stand provided  

Best 3.5mm Microphone for Gaming

Zalman Zm-Mic1 – 3.5mm Gaming Microphone

Zalman Zm-Mic1 - 3.5mm microphone

In the gaming world, USB connector microphones are more popular than 3.5 mm ones. However, the Zalman Zm – Mic1 has never failed to impress us. Moreover, it is relatively cheap and does the job quite well. 

  • This 3.5mm microphone plugs easily into your mic port and clips itself onto your headphones too! Now, there’s no need to worry about clipping the mic with velcros, ties, etc. 
  • Along with convenience, the microphone also has a decent sound quality. No doubt it’s a great choice for video voice-overs, live-streaming your gameplay, or team chatting.
  • However, mind that the microphone also picks up a lot of ambient noise.
Good sound quality No isolation
Additional mini headphone mounting clips Built quality is not as nice
Cheap Low sensitivity
Easy to use  

AntLion ModMic 4 – 3.5mm Gaming Microphone

AntLion ModMic 4- 3.5mm microphone

This 3.5mm microphone is a boom mic that can turn any of your headphones into a gaming set. Yes, ModMic4 is a witty solution to your gaming accessories.

  •  It gets attached to the side of your headphones through a magnetic nodule; time to say bye to those cheap clips. 
  • It delivers clear sound quality for gaming, voice chat, or just basic use. 
  • It carries a sleek design with a foam windscreen and is attached to the end of a 4-inch long metal arm. 
  • The boom mic is available in two versionsunidirectional and omnidirectional, giving you freedom of choice. 
  • It’s 3.5 mm jack lets you plug it into any of your computers, laptops, Xbox, Ps4, etc. The microphone also comes with necessary accessories but lacks adaptors.
Very versatile The cable may be a hassle for some
Great sound quality Not a great built
Ample accessories  

Boya BYM 1 – 3.5mm Gaming Microphone

Boya BYM 1 - 3.5mm microphone

This cheap and easy-to-use microphone is a popular choice among gamers on a budget. The sound quality is really impressive considering the price point which is less than 1000 bucks! 

  • The universal 3.5 mm jack lets you connect it to your PC and consoles for a smooth gaming experience
  • The mic itself is very lightweight and comes with a 6-meter long cord which is enough for extended movement. 
  • It also doesn’t pick up excessive ambient noise which is a huge plus point. But, if you want more than one person’s voice to be recorded simultaneously then you may go for better rivals out there. 
  • Apart from PC, you can also use it with DSLR, camcorders, and smartphones because of its simple user interface.
Small and compact Requires LR44 battery,
Very cheap Not recommended for multi-person recording
Portable Avoid professional use
Simple set up  

Sony Omnidirectional ECMCS3 – 3.5mm Gaming Microphone

Sony Omnidirectional ECMCS3 - 3.5mm microphone

This is a great-sounding 3.5mm microphone in this category. It is an omnidirectional condenser microphone that enables it to record crystal clear sound. 

  • The microphone is currently available in silver color with a regular black cord. Although it is not as cheap as the above mentioned, the quality lives up to your expectations. 
  • The mic has a frequency response of 50Hz – 15kHz. It is easy to use and can be clipped anywhere
  • Coming to the build quality, it’s not that great with an all-plastic body with standard rubber cable. After all, we can’t expect a premium built under 1500 bucks. If you are on a budget, then this Sony mic is a fairly good choice.
Cheap Picks up a lot of ambient noise
Audio quality is great for this price point Weak built
Forgiving polar pattern Plastic feels low quality
Easy to use  
Good frequency range  

Rode SmartLav Plus – 3.5mm Gaming Microphone

Rode SmartLav Plus

This simple and tiny microphone does the job for beginners in gaming. This omnidirectional lapel mic is specially curated for smartphones. 

  • The simple 3.5 mm cable design makes it easy to plug it into any smartphone, PC, or gaming console. Apart from gaming, you can also use the SmartLav Plus for recording an interview, podcast, etc. 
  • Rode is a big name in the microphone industry justifies the excellent sound quality it offers. As it is a lapel microphone, it’s best to clip it on your collar for crisp voice recording during game chats, live-streaming, or voice-overs.
  •  All in all, it’s the best option out there for a smartphone gaming experience. However, the omnidirectional nature enables it to pick up a lot of ambient noises.
Crisp and natural sound Bit pricey
Low self-noise Picks up a lot of ambient noises
Versatile  Short cable
Kevlar-reinforced cable  
Simple and sturdy design  
Easy to use  


All in all, these 3.5mm microphones are never going out of trend. Though advances in technology have brought up alternatives like USB and lightning cables we all know how handy 3.5 mm jacks have been. These 3.5mm microphones listed have never failed to impress us despite the cons. Each one of them features numerous qualities which are best in their own way.

However, it all boils down to the major purpose for which you want to buy these and also the compatibility with the gadgets you have. By getting such a closer look into the best options in the market, you can now easily choose which one is right for you.

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